Free local delivery within 10km of either store on orders over $75.

A big thank you on behalf of our TOPS group to the three of you for a great evening.  Your presentation was so informative, and yes, just the right amount of time ????, the appies delicious, and overall just a fun time.

I think we were all blown away by the vinegar spritzers, balsamic sorbet topping, the jazzed up pizza. . . the selection of flavours, etc.  

So glad I booked the evening with you. We'll have lots to talk about at our next meeting. . . looking forward to hearing what the gals bought.

No doubt will see you again, shopping for a new flavour.


Norinne Lothian

Hello Kimm, Glenn, and Griffin,

Our “red hat” group had a fabulous time today at our tasting event! Thank you very much, Kimm, for an informative, wonderful overview of olive oils and vinegars. We made some fascinating discoveries about oils and vinegars that intrigued and surprised us, and now you’ve inspired all six women to be more creative in our kitchens. Two of our group came skeptically but departed with new enthusiasm, envisioning possibilities they had never imagined. The rest of us realized we’ve only just begun to explore our culinary options with EVOO and vinegars. The hardest part for me was deciding what to take home with me TODAY. I have a hunch you’ll be seeing all of us again and often…as well as our family and friends as we introduce them to our new EVOO and vinegar creations, and tell them where they can find these culinary treasures, too.

Irene Geng - Abbotsford, BC

Hi Glenn:

Thank you for being there and open the day a friend and I were walking through.  Your store is beautiful, spotless, and all carafes shining.  You  made us feel comfortable to taste/experience and purchase. Even wrapping up well for no spillage in car.

Normally don't like straight oil in my mouth but yours is absolutely delicious.  Not able to pick and living almost an hour away, I chose to purchase the six Olive Oils I loved best, plus a small Walnut oil and Truffle Salt.

Haven't had popcorn in years, never  mind many other things because of food allergies.  Thank you for the many suggestions.  Bought popcorn to try:  First Butter w/Truffle Salt, a hit, Second with Lime w/Truffle Salt, absolutely delicious.

Also have done Lobster Tails with Butter Oil.  Wow best I have has in years.  Eggs, yum!!! Salad to die for. And best of all my digestive system is not uncomfortable nor reacting. Best settled comfortable feeling I have had in years  with no change to what I ate.

No long term changes so far but only about a week.  Now I don't have to eat dry foods, for lack of something to cook in or with, or put  on.  Everything tastes more fresh and delicious. Salad with nothing on is harsh chomping.  Your oils make all the difference in chewing as  well as ENJOYMENT and, seems, digestion!!!

Suggestion:  How about selling all fresh foods that match the care of growing, handling, and nutrition that your oils do.

Yes, another subject.  Perhaps others will fill that gap.

Even buying foods from local farms lack the quality of your oils.

Thanks to you and those that grow and produce the product you carry.  Please keep up the great work and encourage others to join in the quest for healing nutrition.

Will be visiting you when out that way.

Blessings on your  business.


Must tell you; I buy only supposed good oils  as well as  fresh foods as local as possible, trying to eat safely and avoid harsh reactions.  While eating something with these oils has changed taste, digestive comfort, reactions, and I think even sleeping comfortably. Don't know why but very different. 

Ruth Meehan -  BC

"If you are looking for that ultimate experience, I highly recommend a visit to AllofOils. They have an excellent variety of both olive oils and vinegars, as well as several different compliments to their oils and vinegars, to make that ultimate cooking experience. Next time you are looking for something new to do on your next free afternoon, check them out. Located in one of the nicest shopping experiences in South Surrey. I know you won’t be disappointed."

Martha Pipowski - Surrey, BC

I love your lemon infused olive oil ... we often have a chopped salad (apple, cuke, peppers, celery, sweet onion, parsley, grated ginger etc.) They taste so much better with the lemon infused EVOO, plain, if you don't add the balsamic vinegar you get a really fresh, crisp flavour ... the balsamic gives it more of a full bodied taste...depends on your mood. The old grocery store EVOO needed the vinegar for sure to disguise the heavy, waxy oil but yours is so light and slippery! Yummmm!

 Peggy Cowley - Surrey, BC

Got your parcel...thank you so much for the lovely soap, I cannot wait to use it. guys have a dynamite product!!! Had to, of course, open and taste everything...opened the Fig Balsamic..ooh! That was going to be my favourite until I opened the Cara Cara Vanilla and then the Wild Blueberry!! OMG. I will be pouring balsamic on everything!! And the oils are spectacular too! I need another shelf in my pantry...I'll be back to order more soon. Thank you so much! Fantastic soon

Janice Stanyer

Cold Lake, AB